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Calum Heath is a Freelance Illustrator from London. He specialises in Editorial Illustration and has worked with The Guardian, DAZED and The New Yorker.  Calum was recently shortlisted for the 2018 V&A Editorial Illustration award.

Calum says, "I feel like my work is very figurative. I'm inspired by people, both how we look and how we behave. I hope my illustrations make people feel intrigued or happy, or even surprised."

Calum chats to us about his hand drawing technique, the importance of being honest and his visit to the Barbour factory.

Calum Heath

Hello Calum! Can you tell us more about why you decided to get into illustration?

I decided to get into drawing because I wanted a new platform to be creative and express myself. Previously, I had been involved in music, as my brother and I had been trying to get a band going, but it sort of fell through, so my interest and passion for drawing grew out of that. I like how I'm only relying on myself to get stuff done, it inspires and motivates me. 

What other exciting projects have you worked on?

I mainly work in editorial illustration, which I find exciting because of the range of subjects you are given to illustrate. In my more personal work, I'm aiming to develop on my small scale animations and make a longer piece of animation in collaboration with a good friend and electronic musician, Jeka Jones, who is very fun and exciting to collaborate with!

Tell us something unique about the way you capture and create your content?

I think, like any creative person, my thought pattern is unique. I guess we all want to create something 'unique', yet I think the most important thing is to be honest. You need to make something that is honest to you, that's how I try and apply myself to these things.

Calum Heath

Without giving away your secrets, did you use any special techniques when creating content for Barbour Beacon?

I hand draw and colour on photoshop. I guess a nice technique is to draw references from real life, instead of photography, if possible. I think drawing from life will always give you much more quality and dynamic.

Is there anything you learned from your visit to South Shields that you didn't know before your visit?

I learned loads about Barbour that I didn't know before. I was amazed to see that Barbour still produce a number of jackets in the factory in Newcastle. Seeing the factory workers make the jackets was really eye-opening and incredible to see.

What elements of the new brand and collection do you think will engage with a younger generation?

I think people will like the practicality and style that it's going for, the colours are really tasteful too. I definitely find Beacon easy to get into and follow.

Calum Heath Illustration

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