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Joshua Osborne is a Photographer and Filmmaker born and raised in South London. He attended The BRIT School studying photography and has self-puplished a book called 'HABANABOY'.

He says, "My style and approach is inspired by social realism, photographing and telling stories of real 'everyday people'".

Joshua talks about his book, how honesty and authenticity is paramount within his work and the magical buzz he witnessed at the Barbour Factory.

Joshua Osborne

Hello Joshua! Can you tell us more about why you decided to get into photography?

I studied photography at The BRIT School as part of my BTEC and we had great facilities including a dark room and a fully operative studio-I'm so grateful to have had that opportunity at such a young age. After BRIT School, I then went on to university where my love for photography grew more and more.

What other exciting projects have you worked on?

Last year I self-published my first book called 'HABANABOY' which documented the male sub-cultures of modern day Havana. It was a real eye-opener to go through that process all by myself and I felt like I have learnt so many valuable lessons. That was the first moment where I realised the importance of making personal work as it gave me a lot of recognition within the industry just by staying true to myself.

Tell us something unique about the way you capture and create your content?

For me honesty and authenticity is paramount within my practice and that is something I'm confident to always deliver. I feel there is a sense of sensitivity and truth when you look at my work and that is something that I'm proud of and I will always strive for this when making content.


What is your favourite Barbour Beacon piece from the collections you have seen so far?

My favourite piece has to be the Askern Overshirt. The material is something else! I've never had a shirt before that can act like a light jacket. So it's a great combination of being stylish and practical.

What was your favourite bit about your visit to Barbour House, South Shields and the Herd Groyne located in the North East of England?

My favourite part of the trip has to be visiting the Factory. I have never been inside a clothing factory and I was so unprepared for the energy and buzz in the Barbour Factory. Observing all of the workers was a big moment for me; I will never forget it. My other favourite moment was seeing the Barbour Archive Room. Looking through the jackets that were so old and worn and hearing their stories was such a special experience. I left feeling so intrigued!

What elements of the new brand and collection do you think will engage with a younger generation?

I think the use of colour is a key element that will engage with the younger generation. The little bursts of colour within the jackets look really cool.

Joshua Osborne Photograohy

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