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Karl Millett orginally from Northampton but now living in London, is an Illustrator/Animator. He has created content for Sport Channels and uses both traditional and digital techniques within his work.

He says, "I like the way illustration allows you to tell narratives and it's rewarding seeing your ideas spring to life.

We caught up with Karl and talked about his technique of 'rotoscoping', the importance of embracing digital technology as a creative and his excitement for Barbour's new sub-brand, Beacon.

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Hello Karl! What other exciting projects are you working on?

I've created content for sports channels such as UEFA, where my work has been watched by millions of people worldwide. I'd say that is pretty cool!

Without giving away your secrets, did you use any special techniques when creating content for Barbour Beacon?

I used rotoscoping for some of the animations- a technique made famous by the music video for A-Ha's Take on Me...

Do you have any advice for aspiring illustrators and any lessons you have learned along the way?

I would say embrace digital and make sure you know your software, even if it's just to complement your traditional work. Other than that, work hard and try to network, as this is often where opportunities arise.

Karl Millett

You met many of our designers at Barbour House, did you get any tips or inspiration from the way they work?

It was interesting to listen to Gary talk about the history of Barbour's famous designs; how they were born out of function and how they evolved to meet the demands of the job they were orginally for. A particular cool jacket was 'Captain Cotton's Jacket' a soldiers jacket modified for use in the Falklands War.

What excites you about the future Barbour Beacon Collections?

It's cool to see a British brand with a long heritage reinventing itself to stay ahead of the game. I'm excited to see more contemporary takes on the classic designs that made the Barbour's name.

What elements of the new brand and collection do you think will engage with a  younger generation?

The contemporary updates with slimmer fits, intricate details and vibrant trim colours. I'm confident Barbour Beacon will be a hit with the younger generation.

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