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Matty Crawford is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker and a 2018 Sundance Ignite Fellow. From London, Matty has had his short films screened at BAFTA recognised festivals and has collected awards such as 'Best Director Award' at the Kodak/Nahemi Competition

and 'New Talent Award' at BFI Future Film. He has directed for Channel 4, LADbible, Vodafone, The Roundhouse and most recently Sky Arts.

He says, "I tend to create narrative character driven stories about people striving for human connection and falling short- I haven't quite figured out why yet".

We caught up with Matty and found about what excites him about the Barbour Beacon collection, his inspiration from the designers and the technique he uses to capture content.


Hello Matty! What other exciting projects are you working on?

I was recently selected by Sky Arts as one of the 50 artists to create a piece of work that reflects British identity after Brexit. For the comission I wrote and directed a short narrative drama which explores the story of an Asian British kid, as he wears his England shirt on the day of the EU Referendum.

Without giving away your secrets, did you use any special techniques when creating content for Barbour Beacon?

I tried to utilize creative transitions through the use of slow-motion, speed ramping and match-cutting camera movement- all enhanced with incredibly heightened sound effects, that creates a highly kinectic and energetic piece.

Do you have any advice for aspiring videographers and any lessons you have learned along the way?

With each new project you make, do something outside your comfort zone. Instead of obsessing over making perfect work, focus on trying to learn something new each time you make a piece.

Matty Crawford

You met many of our designers at Barbour House, did you get any tips or inspiration from the way they work?

I was impressed with the balance of playfulness and perfectionism from the designers. I think that approach to creativity translates into film too.

What excites you about the future Barbour Beacon Collections?

Barbour seems to be finding new ways to stay relevant, while still having deep roots to their extensive heritage.

What elements of the new brand and collection do you think will engage with a younger generation?

Barbour Beacon appeals to my generation by taking inventive approaches to elements like the silhouette or the palette to reinterpret classic items.

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