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Adam Forster is a Freelance Illustrator and a BA (Hons) Illustration Graduate from Plymouth University. Based in Kent, Adam 's work is influenced by retro comic books but he likes to add a contemporary twist on things to make it his own. 

"I like to use texture and screen halftones to achieve my desired style", says Adam.

We found out how Adam captures his content, his advice for aspiring creators and why he thinks Beacon will engage with the younger audience.


Hello Adam! Tell us something unique about the way you capture and create your content?

I like to take lots of reference photos of what I am about to draw, and then I place them together into a collage and use that image that I've created as my new reference for drawing. I combine traditional and digital techniques to create my final illustrations so that it has a retro feel but with a contemporary twist.

What other exciting projects have you worked on?

I have had the fortune of working on a range of fun and interesting projects since I have been freelancing. A reoccurring project I have worked on is designing a range of guitar pedal graphics and as a lover of playing guitar this is a dream job to do.

Do you have any advice for aspiring illustrators and any lessons you have learned along the way?

The main piece of advice I would give is that it is very tough, you are going to have to push yourself and put yourself out there. It won't happen over night so you have to be prepared to really work hard for it because in this creative industry it isn't going to be handed to you on a plate. Keep working hard and don't give up, the more work you create, the more work people will ask you to make, so just try and get as much of your work out there for people to see.


You met many of our designers at Barbour House, did you get any tips or inspiration from the way they work?

I loved the passion that they had for Barbour, you could really tell that they cared about the identity of the brand and how important it was to them. That level of dedication and care for the product really inspired me.

The new Barbour Beacon brand reinvents the rich Barbour heritage and DNA for a younger generation, what do you think it is about the brand that people love so much?

I like how Barbour Beacon uses the classic look of a Barbour product yet redevelops it with a contemporary fit and a bright colour palette. For me this is what works so well.

What is your favourite Barbour Beacon piece from the collections you have seen so far?

My favourite piece is the Stybarrow Wax Jacket, it has a nice fit and I have been wearing it religiously.

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