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Mathiéu Ajan is a Filmmaker and Creative Producer who is passionate about people and the arts. He is completely driven by storytelling and exploits his own experiences within his work.  His work "highlights human vulnerability in beautiful ways, uncovering themes of love, growth and sacrifice."

He has experience in a range of different fields from music videos to film. Mathiéu has recently launched a platform called 'Bounce Cinema', screening films across London, creating a space for film lovers to come together and celebrate the future of the film industry,

We found out where his love for film stems from, his favourite piece from the Barbour Beacon AW18 collection and his advice for budding creatives.


Hello Mathiéu!  Can you tell us more about why you decided to get into film?

I decided to get into filmmaking because quite simply I have always loved the world of cinema and film. From a young age I would sneak downstairs to the living room in the middle of the night to watch films until my parents would catch me and send me to bed! I believe stories are a powerful thing. They can make you cry, laugh and smile...sometimes all at the same time.

What other exciting projects are you working on?

I recently launched a platform called 'Bounce Cinema', where other emerging fillmmakers can showcase and share their work. We screen the films in new locations across London, creating a space for film lovers to come together and celebrate the future of the film industry.

Without giving away your secrets, did you use any special techniques when creating content for Barbour Beacon?

A magician never reveals his secrets! Well a simple technique I used was really focusing on capturing the often 'missed moments'. The energy from all the creators was special throughout our time with Barbour so I really played off that. I tried not to impose myself too much allowing moments to come to life, stepping in when necessary to give the talent I was working with space and mindfulness. I can then step back and see them from another direction and hopefully tell a story with a different angle.

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Do you have any advice for aspiring filmmakers and any lessons that you have learnt along the way?

My advice for aspiring creatives whatever your medium is, would be to just make as many things as possible and to learn from each and every project you do. Analyse and feedback your work. Ask yourself what did you love about the last thing you created? Once you've identified that ask yourself how can you take your work one step further.

You met many of the designers at Barbour House, did you get any tips or inspiration from the way they work?

I was really inspired by all the designers at Barbour House. They all had great energy and you could see how passionate they were in their eyes about what they do. I was super impressed by the amount of research that goes into developing a piece which really reminded me of the power of taking time to really dive into the industry you work in.

What is your favourite Barbour Beacon piece from the collections you have seen so far?

My favourite Barbour Beacon piece has to be the Egremont Fleece Jacket, mainly because it just has the best of both worlds. Practical whilst having a strong aesthetic.

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