Number Six: Sam Gray Q&A

We are meeting up with independent menswear stores across the UK including Number Six, in London, where we met Sam Gray.

Number Six: Sam Gray Q&A


Throughout the summer months, we’ll be meeting up with some of the best and most well-known independent menswear stores across the United Kingdom to discover more about the what makes them unique and stand-out in the world of men’s apparel.

We met with Sam Gray from London, a member of Number Six. Sam discusses what makes the store unique, its influence around London, as well as his favourite pieces from AW19 Barbour Beacon Preview collection.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do in your spare time:

My name is Sam, I’m 26 years old and I’ve lived in London for just over 2 years now. In my spare time, I tend to try and make the most out of the city; whether that be exhibitions, events, exploring parks and meeting up with friends.

Tell us more about Number Six and its influence on menswear around London and the United Kingdom:

Number Six London offers a spotlight for brands that embrace great quality and deeply rooted heritage. Our influence within the area has enabled customers to embrace the comfort zone of craftsmanship and quality over luxury or contemporary.

What’s your day-to-day like? 

Each day always differs from the other, working in a close-knit team within a small independent business enables me to take onboard new job roles daily. The opportunity to consistently learn ensures that I am always kept occupied and on my toes! Life after work is my time to unwind and reset myself for the next day ahead. I tend to take it easy with a night at home cooking with flatmates or going for a chilled drink with the work team.

Sam Gray


What’s your favourite thing about working at Number Six?

What I value the most about being a part of Number Six is the freedom to learn. With a varied workload and opportunities to work within different areas of the organisation; these opportunities have allowed me to find my strengths and abilities that I never knew I had or were interested in.

How do you like to escape from the busy city life?

Taking advantage of the green spaces inside the city is a great way for me to escape the hustle and bustle of London. Equally, having family in Scotland gives me the opportunity to visit and embrace the countryside and a slower pace of life.

If you have a particular hobby, we’d love to hear more about it:

Graphic Design has always been an interest for me and since working at Number Six I have been able to take this interest more seriously and use it within my work. Aside from this, a lot of my spare time goes into shopping and cooking.

Sam Gray

The new Barbour Beacon brand reinvents the rich Barbour heritage and DNA for a younger generation, what do you think it is about the brand that people love so much?

I feel that Barbour Beacon offers a more accessible option for the younger audience out there that are aware of the Barbour heritage but may feel that they do not fit the stereotypical image that is associated with the Barbour brand. The Beacon range has tackled this stereotype in my eyes and to be able to embrace all of the core values that lie with Barbour itself but with a younger, fresher approach is a win win..

What is your favourite Barbour Beacon piece from the collections you have seen so far? 

A personal favorite of mine from the AW19 Preview has to be the Bowhill Casual Parka. The jacket is extremely versatile and impressively lightweight in hand with a raglan style shoulder that is a great nod to the timeless Barbour Ashby jacket. The BDU patch pockets sit well on the jacket, but the hand-warming pockets offered by the two-way construction is a perfect example of Barbours classic styling paired with the Beacon ranges contemporary sense of style.

Sam Gray


What excites you about the future Barbour Beacon collections?

That’s quite a simple question to answer actually. Seeing them continue to develop classic looks and styles, to deliver to a broader, more fashion-conscious audience. Barbour’s quality and heritage will never be called into question, but with fashion being so fast-paced and progressive, it is important to see well-established brands jumping ahead of the curve and producing collections on par with the most popular, innovative brands.

What elements of the Barbour Beacon brand and collection do you think will engage with a younger generation?

Having more relatable role-models such as up and coming musician, Ady Suleiman, in Beacon campaigns is a really effective way for the brand to keep their finger on the pulse of a younger generation who, due to social media, are extremely fashion conscious. This paired with updates on classic designs to meet a contemporary style, they will start to establish the brand with a completely new generation. Beacon will become synonymous with contemporary and on-trend fashion.

Discover the Barbour Beacon Pre-AW19 collection here.


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