Beacon AW19: Meet Nathan Grace

To celebrate the launch of the AW19 Barbour Beacon Campaign, we sat down with photographer, Nathan Grace, to discover more about him and his passion for photography.

Beacon AW19: Meet Nathan Grace


To celebrate the launch of the AW19 Barbour Beacon Campaign, we sat down with photographer, Nathan Grace, to discover more about him and his passion for photography.

What does being a DIY kid mean to you?

You don’t necessarily need the best camera, lenses or equipment to make good work or the work that you strive to create. It’s important to try and not feel held back by whatever starting tools you are working with instead you can max out their creative potential to the best of your ability. By working with your limitations, you will almost certainly make something really unique from that, then later you can think about investing in other equipment further down the line.

Nathan Grace


What does it mean to be a young person in today's climate?

There is a lot of competition now within creative industries especially within the young creative sphere but you can’t let that hinder your progress by comparing yourself to others. I think as long as you take your time and make a conscious decision to not rush into things and prepare for things properly then you will get there too.

Getting your dream job maybe a couple of years later than one of your peers, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things because it is actually about the journey and you; you achieving what it is you want to to achieve in your own time.

Why do you think it is important to shine a light on young people?

Young people are the next generation so if we feel supported and we support the next gen after us then we are going to grow together reaping the benefits of that. It’s going to be a continuing positive cycle of people feeling like they are important, valued and with accessible opportunities.

In terms of your own personal progression age doesn’t matter as everyone develops at their own pace. I feel like age is a thing in terms of life experience but it doesn’t measure personal practise or talent. Sometimes there is pressure when creatives are highlighted for being young but that shouldn’t make anyone else feel like they are behind because there is no time pressure.

Nathan Grace


Why do you think so many young people have side hustles now?

I think everyone has their own unique voice and story to tell and each is interesting in it’s own right. When you are working 9-5 or for someone else you don’t necessarily have a good space to express your own voice so creatives want to do that with other things on the side from work which is really good.

Back in the day it was more common for someone to have a job for, life but now more often then not you can stay somewhere for a year or less, move on and progress that way. Whilst always looking for other things to do and connect with.

Nathan Grace

Nathan Grace 


How did you get your start in photography, and when did you know it was something you wanted to do?

When I was younger my Dad gave me one of his old DSLRs on a road trip in America when I was 8. Straight away I was sucked in, I was fascinated with it, I just thought it was so much fun. I was mostly taking pictures of flowers, buildings and then that went on to taking pictures of my friends. This is even before camera phones, but I would upload the pictures and share them online with my mates. It was nice to be the friend in the friendship group who could share these images of our days together. I then went on to study photography at A Level, did my degree in Graphic Design at Brighton whilst being in a really committed band with rehearsals every week in London. 

Now when I’m on a shoot and I am looking through the lens, you sort of forget about the world around you and you are now looking through the view finder and you’re not worried about anything else. All you are interested in is creating your own world and there is a lot of adrenaline in that process.

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