Aphrodite Clothing: Jonny and Jorge Q&A

We are meeting up with independent menswear stores across the UK including Aphrodite Clothing, in Sunderland, where we met Jonny and Jorge.

Aphrodite Clothing: Jonny and Jorge Q&A


Throughout the summer months, we’ll be meeting up with some of the best and most well-known independent menswear stores across the United Kingdom to discover more about the what makes them unique and stand-out in the world of men’s apparel.

We met with Jonny and Jorge from Aphrodite Clothing in Sunderland. They discuss what makes the store unique and the store’s influence around the North East of the UK, as well as their favourite pieces from Barbour Beacon’s collections.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do in your spare time:

Jonny: I’ve worked at Aphrodite for the last 4 years. I started working part-time at weekends in the stockroom, progressed to a full-time member of staff and now I’m working full time on the shop floor. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Jorge: I am Jorge, locally from Sunderland and I have worked at Aphrodite for just over a year. In my spare time, I like to keep active, from beach dog walks to playing football weekly.

Tell us more about Aphrodite and its influence in the North East:

Jonny: Aphrodite is a menswear retailer that opened its doors in Sunderland 25 years ago. We stock a wide selection of brands and have something to offer every person that walks through the door or visits us online. What sets Aphrodite aside from other stores is the great team we have and our excellent customer service. We know customers on a first-name basis which is what really helps the store to succeed.

Jorge: Aphrodite has had a massive influence in the North East! Over the past 25 years, we have grown both as a company and as a brand because we always try to go the extra mile.

Aphrodite works with the biggest brands and is growing bigger each day. Personally, I think that the store is unique and offers outstanding customer service, which has been the recipe for our success and growth over the last 25 years.

Jonny & Jorge


What’s your day-to-day like?

Jonny: My day tends to begin with an early start at work. During the day, I enjoy keeping the store it looking premium, showcasing the newest product and changing our window displays to keep the store looking fresh. I think all members of staff take pride in how the store looks and everyone likes to bring new ideas to the table. After work, I tend to head home to have a few games on FIFA or watch television and make some food.

Jorge: My typical day starts early at work. In store, it is all about keeping the store looking fresh and providing outstanding service. After work, I will either be at football training, keeping fit at the gym or relaxing at home with a good TV series.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Aphrodite?

Jonny: I really like merchandising and installing new window displays, but my favourite thing about working here is interacting with customers. Being on a first name basis with a high percentage of customers is great, and I think it makes people feel welcomed and special when they walk through the door.

Jorge: My favourite thing about working at Aphrodite is the team that I work with. We have an amazing team and that really helps the store thrive!

How do you like to escape from the busy city life?

Jonny: I think what’s great about living in the North East is that we’re only a stone’s throw away from the Northumberland countryside and the Lake District, so heading out there is always good. In Sunderland, we also have Roker and Seaburn beaches, so it’s always good to head over there for a walk down the beach.

Jorge: I enjoy getting away, short breaks and holidays to relax and recharge the batteries. As well as that, keeping active at the gym.

Jonny & Jorge


If you have a particular hobby, we’d love to hear more about:

Jonny: As I mentioned I like to get out and about, whether that’s travelling to Northumberland, the Lakes or heading to other cities, I love London and Liverpool is fun too. Getting about and seeing what other cities have to offer is always interesting. Other than that, I enjoy playing the guitar. I taught myself to play around 5 years ago, however, I’m not the greatest player so it’s always good to practice.

Jorge: I like to spend my free time travelling and this is also why I am particularly excited about the Barbour Beacon AW19 Preview Collection. The brighter colours, bolder accents and lighter fabrics are perfect for holidays and the warmer climate.

The new Barbour Beacon brand reinvents the rich Barbour heritage and DNA for a younger generation, what do you think it is about the brand that people love so much?

Jonny: I think it’s because it takes designs from classic pieces which are made for the outdoors and reinvents them for city life. I think the injection of colour to the collections is exactly what people are after now.

Jorge: I feel Barbour Beacon offers a modern, contemporary approach to Barbour, with a range of styles as well as some functional outdoor pieces that are fashionable and practical, targeted towards a younger audience.

What is your favourite Barbour Beacon piece from the collections you have seen so far?

Jonny: The jacket that I have on, the Bowhill Casual Jacket, is great. It’s modern but you can tell it has taken design aspects straight from classic Barbour silhouettes. The pockets remind me of the ones on the Barbour Ashby Jacket. Also, you can’t go wrong with an orange jacket!

Jorge: The Kelso Gilet really stood out to me too as I am a massive fan of layering. It is so versatile as either a mid or outer layer.

Jonny & Jorge

What excites you about the future Barbour Beacon collections?

Jonny: The fact that the it’s still in its early stages as a sub-brand, so I think season after season it will just get better.

Jorge: Barbour on a whole for me has always been the staple of any man’s wardrobe, with classics such as the Bedale and Durham Wax Jackets. Going forward with the collection, I can only see the Barbour Beacon range going from strength to strength, as it seems to capture the heritage of the classics with a modern and youthful twist.

What elements of the Barbour Beacon brand and collection do you think will engage with a younger generation?

Jonny: I think that the Barbour Beacon collection is a modern and contemporary take on classic wardrobe staples such as waterproof jackets, overshirts and polo shirts. I think the pieces that the Barbour Beacon collection is creating, such as the Askern overshirt, is exactly what young people are wanting to wear now. The injection of colour to these pieces is also what is helping the brand become successful with young people as well as classic Barbour customers.

Jorge: The functionality of the outdoor pieces, however I think the brighter bolder colours and contemporary style of the pieces are going to attract the attention of the younger audience.

Discover the Barbour Beacon Pre-AW19 collection here.


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