Ady Suleiman x Barbour Beacon: SS19 Edit

We chatted to Ady Suleiman, the face of Barbour Beacon for SS19, to hear about his top picks from the collection.

Ady Suleiman x Barbour Beacon: SS19 Edit


Ady Suleiman, the face of Barbour Beacon for SS19, is one to watch in the music scene this year and is fast gaining popularity wwith the release of his new single, 'Strange Roses’. We caught up with him ahead of his European tour to find out his top picks from the SS19 collection and why he thinks style is important as a musician...

Can you tell us a bit about what you look for in clothing? 

It’s difficult to say. I like good quality materials; the items have to feel nice when worn, especially your jumpers and t-shirts. I generally like slightly looser fits too. I would say simple design and understated. Again, with my music don’t overcomplicate it just do the core things well.

What do you like about the Barbour Beacon clothing?

I love the Barbour Beacon clothes. I like Barbour as a brand because of the quality and the Barbour Beacon range has the quality plus the style I’m into, so its win win. I like my hoody’s, jumpers and light weight jackets/outdoor coats. These items are practical for me because I wear them for a wide range of things whether it be smart events or to chill in the studio. It’s the same with shirts, I can wear them when I'm relaxed - open buttoned with t-shirt underneath, or button up and they are smart.

Music and style have always been associated with one another, how do you use clothing to project your musical persona? Why do you think clothing is important to you as a musician?

I mean a lot of music industry is perception and that comes down to image. I don’t like saying that but it’s true - a lot of people are listening to artists just because they're ‘cool’ to listen to. I'm not sure I am one of them but I’m aware of what I’m trying to portray or not portray, and image and clothing is obviously a massive part of that. Music will always be the most important thing for me, but you would be naive to think clothing image doesn’t make a difference. So many of my favourites artists had such a strong look; Amy Winehouse on her Back To Black record for example, the clothing helps to tell the story. You have to be authentic always, but clothes and styling tell a story and paint a picture and that has to match you and your music. I have quite a varied style in fashion and music. I don’t really have a look per se but for certain songs' music videos I will know immediately what I want to wear because it fits the music image I am creating. Same with gigs.

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Why do you think music and style have historically been so intertwined?

It's just culture innit. Like-minded people tend to dress in a similar way. People have a look. If you're into the same kind of things I guess you look similar, almost like representation of a movement or a culture. Weird when you think about it but just what it is, I guess humans are quite compassionate and like to be part of something, and music and fashion can bring people together to feel less alone and part of something. I guess that why I’m not entirely sure to be honest. Good question!

Can you please tell us a little about what you look for in clothing you wear whilst performing?

Comfort! If I don’t feel comfy I can’t wear it. On stage I usually wear a shirt or oversized top. I also really like colour and patterns for stage. I used to be really into crazy shirts. Like had a crazy shirt for every show, less so know but every now and then but I like patterns. Mainly because they stand out feels like a show piece - what I wear on stage isn’t something that I would often wear in my day to day. I'm simpler off stage. I love to wear bright colours on stage, hence why this range works so well with what I’m doing.

Can you tell us what you look for in the clothing you wear whilst recording? Which are your favourite pieces or top picks from the collection to wear whilst recording?

I wear the Barbour Beacon Abbot Shirt with plain white Barbour Beacon Tee underneath. Most of the Beacon shirts I wear usually because they are comfy and after I finish studio it’s the evening, so I go out in town. Works for both. I basically need an outfit for all occasions because I never really know what I’m doing. Especially in London where it’s so big - it can take years to get back to your flat then come back out. So usually wear shirt and a tee.

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Downtime must be really important to you, to make sure you’re ready for your next show, and to let you chill outside of your music; which are your favourite pieces from the collection to wear in your downtime? 

The main thing is having to be comfy. I usually always wear sweat shirts and hoody, my favourite from range are the Hatchett Crew and Diamond Tee - I wear them a lot to chill as they are warm and comfy. I also love the divide polo to chill.

You do a lot of travelling whilst touring etc, what do you look for in clothing you wear whilst travelling?

For touring warmth is the main thing - when you're travelling at night it can get cold you know also I not mad fan of the van heaters because they can dry my voice out. So, I usually take jackets with me - Barbour Beacon Col Casual in grey is a vibe and the Game casual, they’re both lightweight and with a simple mix knit underneath to keep me warm and comfy.

In the summer I just wear T-shirts, the Lynch Tee is really cool. I have all the t-shirts in this range and I basically wear t-shirts all the time, so they are a staple in my wardrobe. I also take the Gable backpack with me so I can have a small backpack on the bus in my seat with a laptop to work.

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